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Avant-garde research done at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston by dedicated Dr Gul Moonis MD1.An extremely rare case of Intradural Venous Varix that was for the first time encountered at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC) as a intradural mass by the Dr Gul Moonis and her brilliant team. This has never been previously reported by any scientist working in imaging of CNS. This is an unprecedented case where the Intradural Venous Varix exhibited itself as a palpable mass like lesion in the lumbar region located along the dorsal aspect of the cauda equine. This path-breaking study by the team at BIDMC will stand the future neuroscientists in good stead as it could be included as a guideline in the pivotal differential diagnosis of a numerous intradural lesions encountered by clinicians and radiologists. In conclusion it can be stated with academic authority that this important study done at BIDMC Boston MA will go a long way in giving a fillip to the neuroradiological diagnosis of Intradural Lumbar Spinal Lesions in patients. 2.At the BIDMC in Boston , another unalloyed contribution was made by Dr Gul Moonis MD and her team of dedicated professionals when they studied Transient Focal Leptomeningeal Enhancement(LME) in Sturge-Weber(SW) Syndrome was studied threadbare using advanced neurodiagnostic techniques, on a patient with the SW syndrome reported to the department of neuroradiology with a history of focal seizures. A calcium gated channel study was also required to have been undertaken but the study was done conventionally since the patient developed post-ictal hemianopia. MRI of the focal LME was done to rule out other syndromes. The seizures resolved uneventfully using conventional therapy. 3.The age related detrimental changes to the brain was also studied by Dr Gul Moonis and her hardworking team of co-workers at BIDMC Boston using MR volumetric and positron emission tomography. Some expected results were obtained, that further confirmed that the total volume of brain in on an upswing upto the late teens or till 20 years of age. The second hypothesis that was confirmed by the study by Dr Gul Moonis and her team was that there is a statistically significant decrease in whole brain metabolism and frontal metabolism by 38% and 42% respectively, but the surprising fact that was deciphered was that the cerebellar metabolism remains unaffected with age related deterioration of other functions of the brain. This gold standard study using Pearson's Chi Squared Test and a watertight Double Blind Study will facilitate the clinching diagnosis of debilitating diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, in their nascent stages so that neuropharmacological intervention can control the further progress of symptoms, thereby improving the quality of life of senior citizens and those having early onset of these neurological maladies. It is as clear as day that the fanous Raza's Theory of Ignorance , ( "the ratio of known and known to be unknown will always remain constant") is applicable to Medical Knowledge. The more that is researched, the more that is there to research. Dedicated doctors like Dr Gul Moonis, BIDMC Boston, are endeavouring to reduce the gap between the ratio of known and known to be unknown. In the present scenario there are more doctors completely intoxicated by their PR efforts than actual dedication to the profession;. These publicity hounds in the medical profession prove the point that -" The narrowness of the waist and the broadness of the mind change places as one ages and salivates for cheap popularity ",. It is these PR expert doctors who are the face of the medical profession , since the common man is more exposed to their well groomed movie star-like faces without knowing that a majority of professionals are silently carrying on with dedicated research and sacrificing their life to mitigate human suffering!. You will never see brilliand doctors like Dr Gul Moonis hosting a medical-fad TV show?. Such doctors have better thisngs to do/. Silent contribution to the medical profession while shunning publicity'. We SALUTE to doctors like GUL MOONIS'. More strength to Dr Gul Moonis. She has miraculous powers of healing. She is like a divine angel who has come to earth to mitigate the pain and suffering of neurological patients. Dr Gul Moonis, MD is available 24 X 7 for the entire humanity of all countries of the world on telephone and email;.Gul Moonis is the best neuroradiologist in US of A,. She is intutive and gives a provisional diagnosis even before an MRI is done!. Her provisional diagnosis on basis of physical examination alone, every time and always is confirmed by radiodiagnosis:. If there is any MOTHER MARY'S INCARNATION of neuroradiology on earth, then Dr Gul Moonis is the chosen one'. This has not come easily'. Her experience has been gained after successfully treating millions of terminally ill neuroemergencies:. If I am in a car crash and have a brain trauma and am in the position to select a doctor, then I will choose Dr Gul Moonis.The patients who have been cured as a result of her prompt diagnosis, literally kiss the ground on which she walks.Dr Gul is a gift to mankind and does not believe in making money. She has treated many financially weak patients for free.She is the incarnation of Mother Mary and Mariam, all rolled in one.Just meet her and see all your problems dissolve.

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